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Shipping Policy

Please note all phone  calls are monitored for quality and training. 

Since many items may have different lead times, please CALL us to get updated shipping -delivery time frames 866 610 0481.

Or send us an email with  item number, at, we can get back to you within minutes.

 By accessing, visiting, browsing, using, or shopping whether placing an order online or over the phone the following terms and conditions apply:

Shipping Policy-Terms and Conditions

*********Free Shipping is offered for most items if shipped regular ground. For freighted shipments, if your delivery requires delivery to an apartment building, or condo, going up flights of stairs, requires a delivery truck to deliver in the city ,or are not at ground floor level or require inside delivery email us at  to get a shipping quote.

*********US Shipping costs: 
merchandise cost: $0.00 to


shipping costs $13.00

merchandise cost: $50.01 to $100.00 shipping cost $15.00

merchandise cost: $100.01 to $125.00 shipping cost $17.00

$125.00 and up ships free, unless otherwise noted on product page. 

**Any address changes after the order has been placed will incur an address change charge, which will cost whatever the freight carrier charges.

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase and shopping experience! Shipping is free if merchandise total is over $125.00 , (EXCEPT for Alaska and Hawaii, for these states please send an email to to get a shipping quote) if you request White Glove delivery, please e mail us for a quote

*****SHIPPING TIME FRAME:  Most items ship estimated 1-2 weeks, exceptions
(These are estimates, depending on time of year, warehouse schedules etc, these lead times can vary.) Please call us at  866- 610- 0481 to get more detailed information on lead times
Custom made furniture ( 5-6 weeks lead time), 
John Richard paintings and Wall art (estimated 4-6  week lead time) these are made to order and cannot be cancelled once the order is in production
Mainly Baskets furniture (6-9 weeks lead time) please refer to product page for more current lead times
Fine Art Lamps ( ALL items 4-5 week lead time)

If  lead time is longer than estimated above time frame we will send an email to you, after your order is placed, OR you can call us  866 610 0481, or send an email to  to inquire about lead time/shipping time frame

Lead times may vary due to certain times of the year such as October through January, Furniture Market dates, Limited Collections, etc, the above time frames are estimates.

The Classy Cottage is not responsible for shipping delays due to the fault of the manufacturer or delivery carrier, however we are here to help with tracking your package and getting updates! Please send an email to OR call us 866-610-0481, and provide your ORDER NUMBER,  we will provide updates to you in writing, so please provide your email address when requesting updates.

Placing an order and accepting an order:

Your order information is where we get your contact information, by placing and order and filling this form, you are agreeing this information is correct, if this information is not correct and this incurs or causes us to create more than 1 shipment, there will be a reship cost plus a handling fee of $100.00. If a phone number is incorrect or email is incorrect and causes a delivery to be held over 3 days in a terminal or warehouse for delivery, storage charge are as follows: $25.00 a day storage, plus reshipment back to your address, plus a $100.00 handling fee. If an order is placed, and customer does not or will not communicate for delivery, or will not accept merchandise in a timely manner and merchandise in held over 3 days in a terminal or warehouse, above storage charges, handling fees and cost of (if item is re shipped back to warehouse) reshipment back to the warehouse, it is the customer's financial responsibility, there will be no refunds or credits or exchanges for the order-merchandise purchase as we have close communication with all freight carriers and are updated on a hourly basis as to whether or not appointments are made for our deliveries.

Expected Ship Dates/ Estimated Delivery
Once an order is placed that item/s is on reserve for you either here at The Classy Cottage and/or with the manufacturer of the item/s warehouse. Expected ship date for in stock items is 7-14 days, this is only an estimate, orders placed from Thanksgiving through Christmas can take longer. To get an estimate of shipping date/ estimated delivery dates please send us an email with (1) your shipping address (2 ) items you wish to purchase to
Expected Delivery Date for Gift Purchases
If the item/s ordered or you wish to purchase is a gift and you need by a certain date you must email us at to check for availability as some products are drop shipped from the manufacturer to you. Due to stock issues from Thanksgiving through Christmas we must check availability/shipping dates/estimated delivery date, these orders are time sensitive and are given priority over all other orders. We cannot guarantee delivery times unless you allow us to confirm (1) the shipping address (2)products you wish to purchase or have ordered (3) the expected ship date/delivery date by sending us an email

 If your items are delivered White Glove or Blanket wrapped, accepting merchandise and signing documents are acceptance of items. If any damages, you must report immediately, by calling  866 610 0481 while delivery company is at residence.
White Glove Delivery provides in-home delivery and light assembly as well as removal of all packaging materials. 
1. Your item(s) will be transported to a local delivery agent.
2. The local delivery agent will call you to schedule a delivery appointment: Deliveries are made between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday and will be scheduled as a 4 hour window. 
3. Clear the area where the item is to be placed, as the delivery agent will not move any items. 
4. Upon delivery you must inspect the item(s). You will be required to sign a Proof of Delivery receipt. This Proof of Delivery ( POD) is a legal document between you and the freight carrier. Please note any damage on this receipt. Please inspect the merchandise thoroughly prior to the delivery agent's departure.  If any damages, it must be reported immediately, by calling  866 610 0481 (The Classy Cottage), while delivery company is inside the home. Once the phone call is made, instructions will be given to send photos, evaluate for local repair, or either refuse or send the items back with furniture carrier. A replacement will be entered to ship out to your address.

The delivery company will exercise due care at all times while on the property or in the residence of the member, leaving no debris or packaging materials behind. 

To inquire about White Glove delivery service or get a quote for this service, please call us  866-610-0481 or send an email to

Damaged Merchandise OR Lost Merchandise
If an item is received damaged, our policy is to REPLACE the item at no expense to you, in order for us to do so, you must help us to report the damage properly.

By accessing this websiteordering over the telephone, or on this website you agree:
***If box OR item arrives damaged, ( which would be a FREIGHT DAMAGE and in no way fault of The Classy Cottage or Manufacturers shipping or production facility) I agree to make NOTE of THIS on the Proof of Delivery and OPEN and INSPECT the item while driver is on my property * (failure to do so , by signing the legal Proof of Delivery, allows customer to take possession of item with no recourse of filing claim)

*** If the wrong item is sent to you, our policy is to send out the correct item to your address, a replacement will be entered immediately, this replacement cannot be cancelled. The box to where we can pick up the replacement, item will need to be intact, and suitable for shippingdestruction of the shipping box will automatically put the burden of shipping cost and repackaging on the consignee.

If you receive in transit damaged merchandise, we will strive to make the repair-replacement process quick and easy. Your participation is needed to ensure that we can assist you. You must  contact The Classy Cottage within 24 hours of delivery to report the damage along with photos of the item AND PHOTOS OF THE BOX emailed to with your order number in the subject line. Please keep all packing materials.  We will then send this information to Claims (warehouse where it shipped from).
Our first step is to determine if the item can be repaired locally, or on site, at customer address. If the item can be repaired locally, customer will not be responsible for any cost associated with this repair. Photos must be submitted for review, once reviewed, determination will be made if repair can be made local to customer, repairable issues are not automatically subject to return. If the item cannot be repaired locally, we will replace the item at no charge or cost to the customer. Minor scratches, door adjustments, etc are considered repairable locally are are not grounds for returning. Minor scratches, blemishes on unfinished areas that are not seen, up against a wall when in use are not grounds for returns.

***If an item is LOST, our policy is to REPLACE the item at no expense to you.

The Classy Cottage/ Manufacturer of the product will pay the return shipping fee for products that are received damaged.
 If you receive a damaged item, a replacement will be sent out at the manufacturers expense, you will incur no expense. This will be treated as a claim with the manufacturer/designer/ shipper. The manufacturer/ designer/shipper will be copied on all correspondence. 

A replacement item will be sent out as soon as possible giving consideration to weekends, holidays, weather, no refunds, we ask that in the spirit of you the customer and us The Classy Cottage, being able to do future business with the designer or manufacturer or their associate companies, that you allow them and us - The Classy Cottage a reasonable time to pick up the item and replace it as this is of no fault of the manufacturer or designer and is considered an in transit damaged freight problem which neither The Classy Cottage or the shipper has control over or is responsible for.

By purchasing a product/ item from The Classy Cottage you agree to these terms and conditions. 
You also agree you will not charge back to your credit card company or Paypal ,  including if you receive a product that is damaged due to in transit damage, as we highly respect the quality of product produced by our associate companies and we are confident that they will take care of any in transit  issues as quickly as possible (communication will start within 1-2 business days once we receive notification from you the customer that a damaged item has been delivered to you).  
All correspondence will be copied to the manufacturer/ designer/ shipper of your product. 

Any actions outside of the above terms, in keeping with the spirit of doing the right, reasonable, ethical thing as a customer will result in termination of future business with the customer and can also damage the relationship between the customer and the manufacturer/designer/ shipper of the product, as most online purchases are drop shipped from the manufacturer or their associate companies..  Any actions outside of the above terms and conditions by the customer will result in the customer being reported to their credit card company or Paypal as making fraudulent transactions. We want you the customer to be able to do future business with these manufacturing companies.

No refunds on damaged, whether in transit or a quality control issue item ,  a replacement will be shipped out to you as quickly as possible, ** a store credit OR refund given if the replacement item is no longer available. Store credit will good for 2 years from the date of the purchase price of the original transaction.

***Customer Responsibilities*** 

For parcel packages, 
if you are home to sign for the package, please follow the directions associated with signed packages below as similar rules apply to large and small packages. 

For Truck deliveries, 
the carrier will require that you sign for the merchandise. Before you sign, it is very important to inspect the delivery carton for visible damage.
*** If box has any dents, holes no matter how small ***MARK this on the Proof Of Delivery, If the carton has visible damage or there is any reason you are concerned with the packaging or product condition, you will need to write "product damaged" on the face of the delivery receipt(Free delivery is curbside, if any other service level is arranged by the customer , without The Classy Cottage prior conversation or approval, such as inside delivery,other accessorials, actual freight charges will apply)

Customers who sign for delivery and do not notate "damage" assume responsibility if merchandise is damaged . 

If the product itself appears significantly damaged, you may refuse delivery. Please notify The Classy Cottage immediately of refusal so we can anticipate the return and send out a new item

Chargeback/ Paypal Disputes
We ask that you do not Chargeback with your Credit card company or file a Dispute with Paypal, if you have a question on your order please email us  Many of our items are drop shipped from the manufacturer warehouse directly to you as is the case with most if not all online stores that carry the same products by our featured and trusted manufacturers and designers. Standard procedure for Drop Shipping items from the manufacturer warehouse to you, the customer (as is with ALL online stores that use this service) is as follows, order is placed, customer name, address and product info on the order  is forwarded to the manufacturer that is shipping the product to you. Item is reserved for you, item is shipped within the above mentioned time frame of 7-14 days if in stock, if not in stock or item is "on the water" coming into the USA or in production, the product will be shipped once it is in the warehouse to ship out. 

Initiating a Chargeback or Dispute with your Credit Card Company or Paypal can damage the ability to purchase products from our featured manufacturers or designers for future orders that are placed online, with our affiliate stores, other ecommerce stores we own,  the manufacturers/designers associated companies or any other stores they drop ship for. 

Terms of Use
The use of this site is governed by the policies, terms and conditions set forth above. Please read carefully, your use of this site indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Visiting, browsing, shopping, accessing or using this site in any way, indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. The Classy  Cottage reserves the right to make changes to our/these terms and conditions on this site at any time without notice. You should visit this page every time you browse our site.

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